Foreword from the General Director

Foreword from His Excellency the Director General

The Lebanon’s prosperity has the potential to surpass its current status. Our country is home to the most motivated, talented and intelligent pool of human capital in the region. In fact, by correctly leveraging this human capital to achieve continued growth, the Lebanon can rise to unparalleled heights.


This begs the question: In what ways can our human capital be most effectively leveraged and how do we get started today?

The Lebanon Academy has already begun to answer this question through thought provoking research into global best practice in leveraging human capital. With a renewed vigor and determined focus on enabling entrepreneurial growth and fostering Lebanese private sector, NGO’s competitiveness, the Academy has already begun to embrace the actions recommended by this research.

As we drive forward these invigorating discussions, engaging training courses, captivating competitions and empowering networking sessions we welcome the support of both the private and public sectors. Our partners and employees are what enable us to truly influence our country’s prosperity. For our team, a determined group of experts and leaders, I am proud to serve as CEO.

Best wishes,

Dr. Mohamad W. Hajaj