Career Counseling and HR Placement Portal

Career Counseling and HR Placement Portal

This service will offer career guidance and related services to participants of all workshop and courses conducted in the Academy. All candidates will receive coaching in key areas such as interview skills and assistance with CVs. These CVs will be placed on the Academy’s propriety HR Portal which shall be accessible by employers.

Furthermore, the Career Guidance and Placement Portal will offer on-boarding services to selected companies to assist with the selection, interview and offer processes.

The key offerings of the Career Guidance and Placement Portal will be:

  • Job placement guidance, skills evaluation & screening – To handle employment and career guidance services by providing valuable workshops on Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Psychometric Testing and Innovative Assessment.
  • Recruiting – To play a major part in recruiting, including reference checks, skills evaluation, preliminary interviewing and screening to match candidates with jobs through our HR portal.
  • Extension of HR and Personal Development Department – To assist business clients with on-boarding process, assuring that there is open communication between supervisor and employee, and assisting with any troubleshooting or problem solving that may be needed.


The primary objectives of the Career Guidance and Placement Portal are to:

  1. assist youth to secure gainful employment.
  2. Post CVs through the Academy HR Portal to match employer requirements.
  3. Provide on-boarding process services for selected private sector organizations.
  4. Continually understand the vacancy or skill requirements of the private sector and state owned enterprise.
  5. Offer this service at an economical rate to support the mission of Lebanon Vision 2030.